(Almost*) All of the Amazing Things That Kinship Brings


Content Library

Every Kinship account includes a library where managers can upload files or entire folders of content with the click of a button. Users can also submit families from projects, which managers can then review and approve.

Automatic Indexing

Kinship automatically extracts and indexes all the information from your library content and projects, making your family data available for search and giving you insights on content quality and project performance.

Project Content

Any workshared Revit project can be added to Kinship, making its content and activity data available to your entire team. Once added, Kinship will continue to track your project content and activity in the background following each sync with central.

All kinds of families

Revit content is more than just component families. With Kinship, you can find and load system families like walls, ceilings, roofs and floors, as well as cable tray, pipe and duct types together with their routing preferences. Kinship also works with Groups for common component layouts. Drafting views and schedules coming soon!


Available from any browser on any web connected device. No Revit required!

Content Source and Usage

Kinship tracks where your content comes from and how it gets used across projects, helping you to identify the best content for your team and to prioritize resources for content development and troubleshooting.

Project Activity Tracking

Sync your workshared projects with Kinship to access all of your project activity from anywhere. Track syncs with central and key data points that can help drive project performance, save time for your team and resources for IT.

Project Health and Delivery

Monitor the health and status of your Revit projects through information and reports on file size, warnings, versions of Revit being used, linked files, total number of objects, issue date and status, and other key metrics.

Revit Performance Data

Get insight into how your Revit environment is performing for your team and projects through data on Revit versions and update releases, devices used and their sync with central times, project server locations, and more.


Best Content First

Kinship makes it easy for teams to find and use their standard, approved content by promoting library families above other matching results from projects. For results from project content, Kinship takes into account which content is used most across all your synced projects.

Context-Aware Results

Kinship’s content search takes into account the environment you’re working in, in order to show you the most relevant results first. For example, content that’s in your version of Revit, in imperial or metric depending on your template, or already approved in your central library.

Full Family Information

View all the information about a family before you load anything in Revit. Kinship’s content search lets you quickly view key file metadata, all family and instance parameters, as well as individual family types and their parameters, including formulas and shared parameters. See a beautiful, automatically-generated thumbnail for every family and type to help you find the content you’re looking for at a glance.

Right from within Revit

Search and load content directly from within your Revit session. With a single click or key combination, access Kinship’s search dialog to find any content in your library or synced projects. After selecting a family from the search results, it’s ready to place in your current view.

IT and Deployment

Cloud Hosted

Kinship is securely hosted in the cloud, making your content and project data available to team members wherever and whenever they need it. No special server or network configuration is required, and Kinship works seamlessly with projects on Revit Server and Collaboration for Revit(C4R), as well as traditional network drives or private servers.

Easy Setup and Auto-Updates

Kinship is easy to install and even easier to keep updated. No special IT setup is required, and Kinship supports any Windows user environment. It runs quietly in the background, and self-updates when new releases are available.

Simple Team Administration

Quickly add users to your Kinship account by entering their email to send them an invite. Set users as administrators to give them the ability to approve content in your Library, access project and user reports, and manage other users.

Bandwidth Friendly

We know that company networks already have enough traffic to support as it is, so Kinship is designed to make wise and efficient use of computer and network resources at the right times.

Device and Access Information

See and manage devices used with Kinship, and access a detailed history of your or your team’s activity.

*To learn about absolutely all of the features that Kinship offers and new features that we’re working on, sign up for our launch list or email us at support@kinship.io.