Amazing Project Insight. Content at Your Fingertips.
Find the right content Instantly in Revit.

Use Kinship in Revit to search for content and get the right results without breaking your stride. Search against complete family data and get instant, context-driven and intelligent results from your open project, library and other synced projects. Search and manage component families, system families and groups.

Keep tabs on all your projects From any browser in real time.

Kinship gives you a view into your projects like you've never had before. Access all of your projects' latest information, model breakdown, family content, and complete sync history from any browser or device. Spot potential issues before they affect a project's performance. And ensure sensitive projects are only seen and accessed by the right users.

Discover what's wrong and how to improve Get insights that can help the entire team.

Kinship brings all your data together to help you get the best out of Revit. Learn which content is being used the most, what makes for successful project delivery, and where IT resources can make a big impact. Into PowerBI or Dynamo? Access your account data directly to layer on your own insights and functionality using other tools and datasets.

Without having to lift a finger Okay, it may take a few clicks.

We're on a mission to make your life easier and better. So we've built Kinship to give you the content and data you need, while doing all the hard work in the background. Getting started only takes a minute. Once installed, Kinship automatically keeps up to date, analyzes data and tracks changes without getting in your way.

So who is using Kinship?
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