Kinship is built by the team from Andekan

Our team has spent nearly a decade building world-class Revit content for major AEC firms and manufacturers, consulting on Revit projects around the world, and helping to define BIM data standards. After years of seeing firsthand the critical need for tools to manage content and projects, we decided to build a tool that every Revit user and manager would dream of:

Instant access to all your content and projects
Right from within Revit or on any web browser
Using automation and analysis to make every step easier, faster and smarter.

We’ve designed Kinship to help you get back time and resources for the things that really add value to your BIM data and building projects. Teams can stay focused on designing and delivering, while managers can concentrate on identifying and improving content quality and project performance.

Kinship is led by Jose Fandos, a recognized leader in the field of BIM as an expert in Revit content and BIM data standards. We are a small but growing team of seasoned Revit content veterans and fresh programming talent who are all passionate about transforming the construction industry through better data.

Kinship is currently in a private beta, and you can sign up below to request access. We look forward to hearing from you!

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