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Everything you need to manage your content, projects and team in Revit®

Find the right content instantly

Kinship puts your best content at your fingertips. Search your library and projects right from Revit and get instant, context-driven results with beautiful thumbnails and complete family details. Find the content you need by name, category, parameters and more.

Maintain a
quality library
with ease

Build your Kinship library from your firm’s approved content and projects in just a few clicks.

Manage component and system families, annotations, details and more. Kinship fully indexes every family for robust search and performs automatic QA to help you identify potential issues.

See how content is being used

With Kinship, every piece of content is automatically tracked so you can see how your library is used — and where other content is coming from.

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Get real-time analytics on all your projects

Keep tabs on what’s happening with your projects from any browser. Access up-to-date analytics on content changes, crashes, sync times, server performance and more.

Kinship helps you spot issues before they affect productivity.
Get answers in seconds without having to open Revit.

Manage the whole team working in Revit

Kinship gives you all the tools you need to keep your team humming. Automatically manage users with options for Single Sign-On, remote deployment, and domain-based access. Control who can see and manage sensitive information using location rules, private projects and user roles. Take advantage of direct access to your data and journals to develop custom analytics and quickly troubleshoot issues with your Revit environment.

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