This free collection of Revit families for commercial seating includes reception room chairs, a canteen chair, and park and airport benches.

Our latest collection of Revit content is a set of manufacturer-specific families for commercial seating. These include a small selection of reception/waiting room chairs, a canteen chair, and park and airport benches. This collection will be the first in a series covering Revit furniture content.

Park bench with Andy entourage model.

Model Consistency

As with other family categories, Revit furniture content comes in a wide variety of family make-ups. There are chairs out there that 'sit' at 11MB in size with three levels of nested CAD objects and no 2D. Then there are others with native Revit geometry ranging from 600KB to 1.5 MB that do not include 2D for plan views or different levels of detail (LODs).

All of our Revit seating families have 2D for plan view and use 3D geometry for other views. They also come with three levels of detail, unless their geometry is very basic. These are built as regular Revit components and only made as adaptive components when the geometry requires it. This helps to keep file size to a minimum, while the use of 2D in plan view ensures an efficient project workflow when placing or moving the components.

All of our families have custom appearance assets and manufacturer materials, so they won't clash with those already in your projects.

Naming Conventions

When it comes to Revit furniture, the family names often fail to provide any indication of how the family should be used, or even what it is. To address this, we've adapted our standard naming convention to suit furniture, and seating in particular, with the hope that it can improve your workflow.

Our naming convention is as follows:

Family Type – Sub Type – Manufacturer – Purpose/Location – Description 1 – Description 2/Model


Seating-Chair-Best Buy-Reception-Stackable-Devonshire


In general, we try not use the product's model name in the actual family name because it might not help with selecting a family, and because Kinship already allows you to search within a family's parameters including product name. However, when there are many variations of certain sub types, it becomes unavoidable or at least unreasonable not to include the product's model name. The alternative would be several description fields and a very complex and long naming convention.


The collection contains canteen, reception and waiting room chairs from manufacturers Best Buy, Office Furniture and AJ Products.



The collection contains park and airport benches from manufacturers Cast Iron Co. and OMK.

Park benches.
Airport benches without back rest.

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Collection Content List

  1. Reception chair from Best Buy.
  2. Reception chair from Office Furniture.
  3. Canteen chair from AJ Products.
  4. Park bench from Cast Iron Co.
  5. Airport bench from OMK.

Want More Content?

All of our free Revit collections are part of Kinship Content+,  a service providing companies with on-demand Revit content creation as well as access to a pool of existing Revit families from other customer requests and our own internal development.

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