This is the third in a series of free collections of iconic chairs and sofas designed by famous architects and interior designers.

Our latest instalment for iconic seating in Revit is the Robie Chair by Frank LLoyd Wright. Unlike our previous collections which focused on lounge furniture, this week's free content giveaway will centre around the dining area.

A Little Bit of History

Frank LLoyd Wright was an American architect born June 8, 1867 in Richland County, Wisconsin. With a career spanning over 70 years, he designed hundreds of buildings including residential, offices, schools, churches, skyscrapers, hotels, and other commercial projects. He pioneered the Prairie style home which encouraged open floor plans, usually one or two storey high with a flat or low pitched roof — a style which epitomised his beliefs for organic architecture in which a building should have harmony and conversation with its surroundings.

In 1908 he created the Robie Chair specifically for the dining room of the Robie House. The designer’s intention was that the chair would create some intimacy and give definition to the dining area.

Chair Details

Our Revit family has 12 types defined by the two frame materials and six seat upholsteries. The chair uses 2D geometry in plan view to facilitate a fast workflow when designing room layouts. Created from native Revit geometry only, the model has three levels of detail to provide appropriate views at different scales. Delivering optimum performance in design stage and final renders.

Raytrace showing cherry wood frame versions.
Raytrace showing American walnut frame versions.

Dining Table

We've added the Allen Table to complete the set.

Allen Table with cherry wood finish.

Furniture System

We've also combined the table and chairs to create a furniture system. The system has several types defined by the number of people, the frame, and the seating material. The overall width and length can be modified to move the chairs further away from the table.

Render showing 8 person furniture system.
Raytrace showing cherry wood furniture systems.

Andy for Context

We've updated Andy, our entourage family, for the Robie Chair. Version 5.3 has types that cover all members of the family to offer better context to the dining area and are specific to the Robie Chair's seating height.

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Collection Content List

  1. Robie chair by Frank Lloyd Wright, manufactured by Cassina.
  2. Allen table by Frank Lloyd Wright, manufactured by Cassina.
  3. Furniture system comprised of Robie chair and Allen table.
  4. Andy v5.3 entourage family.

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