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Baxter Bakery Equipment

We've crafted high-quality Revit families for commercial bakery equipment for over a decade. Here's a look at a collection we created especially for Baxter.

While working for Kroger, we were introduced to many companies related to the food industry. Baxter was one of the ones that had the most products used across Kroger’s stores.

Baxter required high-quality Revit models at a time when most people confused Revit with those tiny metal bits that they use to manufacture denim jeans (rivets). Since 2013, we’ve created Revit families for commercial bakery equipment, ranging from single and double ovens, both gas and electric, to proofers and retarders.

Baxter Manufacturing

Baxter is part of the ITW Food Equipment Group, the parent company that also owns Hobart and Traulsen. Established in 1958, Baxter has always been a leader in designing and manufacturing quality cooking and bakery equipment worldwide.

Proofers & Retarders

Baxter proofers incorporate a flash spray system that delivers consistent moisture while proofing. They also integrate a precision airflow system via dual circular fans for a balanced, controlled proof which delivers consistent results. We created three proofer Revit families with single and double doors of various sizes.

Revit 3D view showing 3 differently sized Baxter proofers.
Revit 3D view showing Baxter proofers.

Retarders are similar to proofers, but they slow down the fermentation process of products by chilling the interior. We created single- and double-width retarders and a combined proofer/retarder model.

Revit 3D view showing 3 differently sized Baxter retarders.
Revit 3D view showing Baxter retarders.


Over the course of three projects with Baxter, we created a total of six oven Revit families. These included single- and double-width ovens in various sizes as well as electric and gas units.

Revit 3D view showing 6 different types of Baxter retarders.
Revit 3D view showing Baxter ovens.

All of these Revit families were created to specific Kroger BIM standards, to be used solely by them and not for public distribution by the manufacturer. Without going into too much detail, these standards have an overall focus towards the use of shared parameters (for proper scheduling in their Revit projects) and a realism in 3D views.

Screenshot of typical Revit shared parameters to Kroger BIM standards.

Screenshot of typical Revit shared parameters to Kroger BIM standards.

Typical shared parameters to Kroger BIM standards.

Perspective ray-trace showing all 12 Baxter equipment items.
Perspective raytrace showing all Baxter equipment.


Even though these families were done years ago, they’re really a testimony to how a well-made piece of manufacturer content can stand the test of time. They are clean, simple, flexible and help the user. You could open any of these families today and easily update them to suit new specs for any other oven with a similar design. Now you're cooking with gas!

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