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Iconic Seating: Butaca Granada

This installment in our series of free collections of iconic chairs, sofas and tables designed by famous architects and interior designers features the Butaca Granada from Javier Carvajal Ferrer.

Meet Javier Carvajal Ferrer's beautiful Butaca Granada, the latest in our series of iconic seating Revit content.

A little bit of history

Born in 1926 in Barcelona, Spain, Javier Carvajal qualified as an architect from the Escuela de Arquitectura de Madrid in 1953.

He was an influential architect and teacher and received many distinctions and honors from across the world. He won a competition to design the Spanish pavilion at the World's Fair in New York in 1964, which led to the creation of this chair.

A collaboration with José Martínez Medina, the Butaca Granada was inspired by an open pomegranate. Hence the name "butaca granada" – "butaca" means seat or chair in Spanish, and "granada" translates to pomegranate.

Revit rendering of Andy seated in the Butaca Granda chair, reading a book by Javier Carvajal.
Revit rendering of Andy seated in the Butaca Granada and reading a book by Javier Carvajal.

Chair details

Our Revit family for the Butaca Granada was created with fully native Revit geometry using adaptive components. The model has three levels of detail to provide appropriate views at different scales.

As with all of our seating families, the chair uses 2D geometry in plan view facilitating a fast workflow when designing room layouts. There is only one built-in type with bronze legs and black leather upholstery to match the original materials.

Revit ray trace of the Butaca Granada chair.
Revit ray trace of the Butaca Granada.

Andy for context

As always with our iconic seating collections, we’ve updated Andy, our entourage family, to suit this specific chair. This version has types to match the chair height and curvature. He is also reading a book by Javier Carvajal.

On a personal note, it has been a while since we last built an iconic seating collection utilizing adaptive components. When researching the Butaca Granada, we found out how difficult it was for Carvajal and Medina to create this chair in the first place because of the irregular forms and angles. It was a nice challenge to build it as a Revit family as well.

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Collection content list

  1. Butaca Granada by Javier Carvajal Ferrer.
  2. Andy v5.0-Butaca Granada entourage family.

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