Our latest free collection of Revit content is a selection of outdoor LED lighting fixtures.

Our newest edition of free Revit content is a collection of metric manufacturer-specific families for commercial outdoor lighting systems. These include a selection of bollards, uplights, floodlights and sconces. The families cover a variety of mounting methods – including floor mounted, floor recessed, surface mounted and wall mounted – to help illuminate any building exterior.

We've already mentioned the benefits of LED light fixtures in previous blog posts, but there are some additional benefits to using LEDs when it comes to outdoor lighting:

  • Brighter white than traditional halide bulbs.
  • Longer lifespan, so less maintenance.
  • Instantaneous operation - traditional lights can take time and heat to turn on.
  • More durable than traditional outdoor lighting.

Just like our indoor lighting fixtures, these outdoor luminaires have symbols in coarse and medium LODs along with the plan symbol offsets to help generate clear schematics.

Floodlight Luminaires

Providing accent and security lighting, our floodlight is from Eaton and available in surface- and wall-mounted versions. Due to their variable pitch and the fact that they can be placed on a surface/wall at an angle, these Revit families do not contain 2D masking regions and line work.

Surface- and wall-mounted floodlights from Eaton.

The floodlights have variable pitch, so they can be placed in a project on any surface and at any angle with accuracy.

Demonstration of variable pitch for the Eaton floodlights.

Uplight Luminaires

Providing accent and task lighting, our floor-recessed uplights are from Meyer. They come with standard-recessed and flush-recessed types where the plate is flush with the floor surface. The lighting fixtures also have a void so they can be cut into the floor. This is a necessary process when choosing the flush-mounted types.

Uplights from Meyer in different heights and diameters.
Flush- and standard-recessed uplights.

Bollard Luminaire

Providing ambient lighting, our floor-mounted bollard is from Ares and available in a variety of different heights and finishes. Unfortunately we encountered a problem when trying to use the manufacturer's IES file with this family. The IES file worked perfectly fine in realistic and ray trace views, but when it came to creating Revit renders, the program would freeze. Since we don't want to release a Revit family that could stop a rendering process, we had to use a generic light source without a photometric web file.

Ares bollards in a range of heights and finishes.

Sconce Luminaires

Providing ambient lighting, our exterior wall-mounted sconces are from Saxby. These include standard and emergency types with different casing styles and finishes.

Sconce wall-mounted lighting fixtures from Saxby showing different casing styles and finishes.

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Collection Content List

  1. Floor-mounted bollard from Ares.
  2. Two wall-mounted sconces from Saxby.
  3. Wall-mounted floodlight from Eaton.
  4. Surface-mounted floodlight from Eaton.
  5. Six floor-recessed uplights from Meyer.

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