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Eco-Friendly Street Furniture

The free Revit families in this street furniture collection include bench seating, bollards and street lamps that are energy efficient and/or made from environmentally friendly materials.

Our latest collection of Revit content focuses on eco-friendly, manufacturer-specific street furniture. This is part of our ongoing effort to bring more sustainability-focused content to Revit, which has previously included collections for Passive House AHUs, EV charging stations and other products and systems that support a carbon neutral built environment.

All of the products in this street furniture collection are created from environmentally friendly materials and/or consume less energy than traditional options. Featuring Revit families for bench seating, bollards and street lamps, we hope the collection can help provide sustainable outdoor design projects with quality manufacturer components.


There are two bollards from manufacturers TMP Solutions and Glasdon. The bollard from TMP Solutions was actually the catalyst for this collection. We read about the bollard being used by Hampshire County Council as part of its efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To our knowledge, these are the first bollards in the UK to be made from an eco-friendly bio-polymer (NonCrete), and, according to Hampshire County Council, they are also lighter, easier to install and cheaper than traditional concrete bollards.

The Glasdon Buffer bollard is made from recycled materials, with the coating comprised of 100% recycled rubber car tires. Both bollard Revit families have various types defined by the size, color and reflective band material.

Revit render showing bio-polymer bollard made from sugar cane.
Bio-polymer bollard made from sugar cane.
Revit render showing rubber bollards made from recycled materials.
Rubber bollards made from recycled materials.


The collection contains benches from manufacturers Cast Iron Co. and Glasdon. The Chilworth bench from Cast Iron Co. and the Eco Rest from Glasdon are made from timber and recycled plastic respectively. Their types are defined by bench length and materials.

Revit render showing timber benches.
Timber benches.
Revit render showing recycled plastic bench.
Recycled plastic bench.


There are also two luminaires from manufacturers Ares and Technilum. Both are floor mounted and for outdoor use. The Ares bollard luminaire uses an LED bulb and the Technilum street lamp post can also be installed with an LED.

There are a number of well known environmental issues with the use of traditional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. While there are several options for more eco-friendly lighting design, including CFL (compact fluorescent light) and halogen, LEDs are the most efficient option. Some of the most important benefits of LED lighting include:

Providing ambient lighting, our Revit family for the floor-mounted Zefiro bollard from Ares is available in a variety of different heights and finishes.

Revit image showing Ares floor-mounted Zefiro bollard in a range of heights and finishes.
Ares floor-mounted Zefiro bollard in a range of heights and finishes.

Our Revit family for the Marsanne street lamp post from Technilum has only one type defined by the mast diameter and height. However the geometry is controlled with formulas so that its height and arm length can be adjusted without breaking the family.

Revit render showing street lamp post.
Revit render showing street lamp post.

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Collection Content List

  1. Timber bench from Cast Iron Co.
  2. Recycled plastic bench from Glasdon.
  3. Recycled rubber bollard from Glasdon.
  4. Bio-polymer (NonCrete) bollard from TMP Solutions.
  5. Floor-mounted bollard luminaire from Ares.
  6. Floor-mounted street lamp post from Technilum.

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All of our free Revit collections are part of Kinship Content+,  a service providing companies with on-demand Revit content creation as well as access to a pool of existing Revit families from other customer requests and our own internal development.

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