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EV Charging Stations

With the push for electric vehicles in the news, we've created a collection of free Revit content featuring EV charging stations for residential, commercial and public use.

Last year's COP26 conference reminded the world of the imperative to push towards energy friendly solutions in every sector. In November, the UK Prime Minister announced plans to "supercharge the electric vehicle revolution", with new legislation requiring new homes and buildings to have EV charge points installed. The UK government estimates this could result in up to 145,000 new EV charge points being installed each year.

With headlines focused on the move to electric vehicles, we took the initiative to create a collection of Revit content for EV charge stations. We've actually created EV charge stations before for US-based ChargePoint, but the UK/EU is far behind. From what I can tell, there are no BIM models for these products and technical information (especially with regards to dimensions) is sparse.

EV charging stations from our collection.

Revit Content for EV charge stations

We've created a diverse collection of EV charge stations catering for residential, commercial and public use. The Revit families cover various installation methods such as wall mounted, bollard or pedestal floor-mounted, and tethered and socketed charging styles.


We have Revit families for two socketed EV charging stations from manufacturer Easee, the Easee Ready and Easee Charge. These are wall-mounted charge stations catering for residential and commercial use.

As part of their Plug & Play technology, the Easee Ready docking station provides an electric vehicle (EV) charge point at low cost. By pre-installing the charge point, the Easee charger can subsequently be deployed upon demand. The Easee Charge model has 80 types defined by charging power, voltage and color.

Revit 3D view of Easee Ready docking station.
3D view of Easee Ready docking station.
Revit family for the Easee Charge in five colors.
Easee Charge model available in five colors.


The collection contains two wall mounted and three floor-mounted bollard-socketed EV charge stations from manufacturer Alfen. The single Pro-Line and S-line models come in wall mounted and bollard versions with four types each accounting for charging power and voltage. These can be used in residential and commercial locations. The Alfen Twin model, with its robust design, is intended for public outdoor use on the streets.

Revit ray-trace showing Alfen EV charge stations.
Ray-trace showing Alfen EV charge stations.

Pod Point

Our final Revit family in the collection is for manufacturer Pod Point. The Terra 54 CJC is a rapid charging unit capable of dual charging with both AC and DC outputs. It is pedestal floor-mounted and the only tethered EV charging station in our collection. At 1MB, it is the largest of our EV charger Revit families in every sense of the word, but this size comes with unparalleled 3D and 2D detail for the tethering.

Symbols and Parameters

All of our EV charging station Revit families contain symbols to be used in electrical plan views at coarse and medium LOD. At coarse level of detail, the symbol can be offset in both horizontal and vertical directions, as seen in our lighting fixtures, to ensure a clean layout design at any scale without overlapping symbols. At medium level of detail, the symbol is not affected by offset values and is intended for a separate drawing and scale. The families also contain all of the necessary electrical parameters to create power and communication systems in Revit.

Get the Collection

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Collection Content List

  1. Wall-mounted single-socketed EV docking station from Easee.
  2. Wall-mounted single-socketed EV charging station from Easee.
  3. Two wall-mounted single-socketed EV charging stations from Alfen.
  4. Two bollard single-socketed EV charging stations from Alfen.
  5. Bollard twin-socketed EV charging station from Alfen.
  6. Pedestal dual-tethered EV charging station from Pod Point.

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