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Polypipe Terrain Fuze HDPE

This free collection of Revit content is perfect for modeling drainage systems for waste and sewage, chemicals, hazardous waste and more.

Following up on last week's collection of cast iron no-hub pipe from Charlotte Pipe, this week's collection of free Revit content focuses on another set of drainage piping – Polypipe's Terrain Fuze HDPE pipe.

These Revit families are the byproduct of previous consulting work for Mecserve. They were created in order to address some issues with drainage coordination and proved a very valuable tool. Our Terrain Fuze HDPE collection has all of the fittings required to configure the pipe type's routing preferences in Revit.

All the pipe fittings required to create a complete routing preference for the pipe type in Revit.
Some of the pipe fittings available in the Polypipe Terrain Fuze HDPE collection.

While both this collection and the previous Charlotte Pipe collection feature piping content for drainage systems, there are some key differences between the Charlotte no-hub pipe and the Polypipe Terrain Fuze:

Charlotte PipePolypipe Terrain Fuze
MaterialCast IronPlastic (HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene)
CouplingSteel Mechanical JointHDPE Coupling (electrofusion welded)
Drainage UsesBasic waste and sewage Waste and sewage, chemicals, hazardous waste, compressed gases

Nested Couplings

We are in the process of updating all our pipe fittings and pipe types that have any couplings set as flanges. We do this to avoid a problem in Revit where moving the 45 deg horizontal pipe would also move the stack locations. The solution involves having nested couplings in the pipe fittings.

The couplings can be turned off manually to allow coordination of fitting to fitting with a shared coupling.

Revit pipe fitting to fitting with shared coupling.
Pipe fitting to fitting with shared coupling.

IsCustom Option

The Terrain Fuze HDPE fittings include the IsCustom option. The IsCustom option allows the Revit user to create piping systems with a more fluid workflow. Whenever there is an incorrect value for angle or nominal diameter (depending on the fitting), Revit will allow the pipe to be drawn but will flag that this is a custom fitting and will color it red.

Instances of bend pipe fitting showing the IsCustom working for the 84 dgree bend.

This pipe range has been given a 2 degree tolerance. For example, the 88 deg bend can produce an 86 - 90 degree bend and still return the correct Polypipe product code.


The reducer fitting is a true Revit reducer, unlike some of the reducers you may find nowadays from the Revit OOTB library. This reducer will work with both JUSTIFY and SLOPE tool in Revit, switching seamlessly between the two.

Get the Collection

Click here to view and download the full collection.

Collection Content List

  1. Pipe Type - HDPE Terrain Fuze
  2. Access Pipe.
  3. Bend.
  4. Cap End.
  5. Swept Corner branch with double boss.
  6. Coupling.
  7. Swept Cross.
  8. Swept Tee.
  9. Swept Tee with single boss.
  10. Combined Tee and Wye.

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