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Hospitality Bathroom Plumbing

This free collection of metric bathroom plumbing fixtures will give your hospitality projects the bathrooms they deserve.

We're following up on our collection of hospitality bathroom accessories with this complementary collection of hospitality bathroom plumbing fixtures.

The collection includes wall-mounted wash hand basins, deck- and wall-mounted taps, bidet spray, and wall-mounted WCs. Click here to get the collection or read on for details on the families' features and options.


We have both the round and square profiled wall-mounted water closets (WCs) from the manufacturer Geberit. These two WCs are from the brand’s Icon range, with one built-in type, as well as appropriate waste and cold water connections.

Round and square profile wall-mounted WCs.


WCs showing 2D geometry in plan and elevations.

WCs showing 2D geometry in plan and elevations.

Wash hand basins

From BAGNODESIGN, we have the St Moritz wash hand basin. This is a wall-mounted monolith wash hand basin, with 60 different types driven by a type catalog with a variety of materials, tap hole numbers, left- or right-handed operations, and basin lengths. The different tap hole numbers allow for use with wall-mounted taps as well as deck-mounted monoblock taps and deck-mounted mixer taps. 

The family has zero, one, and three tap-hole types.

Two basin lengths.

Left- and right-handed versions.

Ray trace showing all 60 types.

The collection contains a second wash hand basin from the manufacturer Lusso. The Geo model is also wall-mounted but differs in family design and, more importantly, it has only two built-in types. The two-hole tap version allows for use with deck-mounted two-hole mixer taps.


Two types with zero and two tap holes.


The collection contains a series of taps catering to a variety of project needs, offering different mounting techniques and tap styles.

First up is the Sestriere tap from BAGNODESIGN. There are two families to allow for deck- and wall-mounted models. Each family has two built-in types for the different materials.

Two materials and mounting options.






2D geometry in plan and elevations.




2D geometry in plan and elevations.


Next up, we have the Urban tap from the manufacturer Lusso. This deck-mounted mixer tap is a two-hole model that works perfectly with the Lusso Geo wash hand basin, which is also available in this collection. It comes with two built-in types in gold and gunmetal finishes.

Ray trace showing gold and gunmetal finishes for the deck-mounted two-hole mixer tap.

The collection also has three wall-mounted monoblock taps from Geberit and AQUAECO. All three touchless models come with an infrared sensor and work with a thermostatic mixer valve.

Three models for wall-mounted monoblock taps.

Bidet spray

Last, but not least, in the collection is a wall-mounted bidet spray from BAGNODESIGN. The  comes with three types for brushed nickel, chrome and matte black materials.


2D geometry in plan and elevations.


Ray trace showing three materials for the BAGNODESIGN bidet spray.

Family make-up

All of the featured families have three levels of detail. We try to keep the file sizes small while still maintaining a good amount of realism with a focus on well-crafted materials.

One thing I would like to highlight in this collection that I'm particularly proud of is the black marbling material used on the Sestriere taps. It was built with a very understated generic material and uses the NOISE effect that's found within the stone category of material assets in Revit.

Also worth mentioning is how the basins and taps work with each other. When it comes to deck-mounted taps, it's often the case that the holes in the basin won’t match the taps themselves. When you run into this problem, it’s due to an oversight by the content creator.

These families include instance parameters controlling the tap/mixer separation. When this is combined with the weak reference planes in the basin holes, then the taps, mixers, and handles can quickly be aligned into position and locked.

Tap spout and mixer aligned.

Revit Ray trace showing some of the collection.

Download the collection now.

Collection list:

  1. Wall-mounted WCs from Geberit.
  2. Wall-mounted wash hand basins from BAGNODESIGN.
  3. Wall-mounted wash hand basin from Lusso.
  4. Wall-mounted monoblock tap from Geberit.
  5. Wall-mounted monoblock taps from AQUAECO.
  6. Wall-mounted bidet spray from BAGNODESIGN.
  7. Deck-mounted three-hole mixer tap from BAGNODESIGN.
  8. Wall-mounted three-hole mixer tap from BAGNODESIGN.
  9. Deck-mounted two-hole mixer tap from Lusso.

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