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Charlotte Pipe - Top Requested Fittings

This update to our popular free collection for Charlotte Pipe cast iron piping includes the most frequently requested fittings and a second pipe type.

Back in 2022, we released a free cast iron pipe type from Charlotte Pipe. As a basic Revit pipe type, it contains all the necessary pipe fittings from the manufacturer to start designing your drainage systems.

We received great feedback on that free collection, but we also had requests for new fittings as well. We chose the most frequently requested fittings and created an update to the collection, including a second pipe type.

The update includes a combination fitting (wye and 8th bend), two cleanout fittings and a P-trap. The new pipe type has the combination fitting already set up as the tee, which takes the place of the sanitary tee and wye fitting in the original pipe type.

Click here to view and download the full collection.

Revit plan view showing 4 different Charlotte pipe fittings: Combination, P-Trap, Cleanout, Two Way Cleanout
Latest additions to the Charlotte Pipe collection.

The combination fitting offers different options in coordination when compared to using a wye and bend. It is quicker for designing simple pipe systems and also benefits from quicker installation on site. The fitting works as a tee and is still capable of having the two-degree tolerance that all our Charlotte pipe fittings have. It can produce 88-92° combination tees and still return the correct Charlotte Pipe product code.

Our pipe fittings include the IsCustom option for the cast iron no-hub pipe range. The IsCustom feature allows Revit to alert the user when a non-standard fitting is used. When there is an incorrect value for angle or nominal diameter (depending on the fitting), Revit will flag this as a custom fitting and will automatically color the fitting in red. Pretty smart.

Combination fitting showing two-degree tolerance and IsCustom option. The 90 degree fitting is set as the base in black. The 92 degree fitting appears black to indicate tolerance. At 94 degrees it is marked in red to highlight intolerance.
Combination fitting showing two-degree tolerance and IsCustom option.

These new additions to the collection enhance your design options. In particular, the combination fitting, which is widely used in the US, allows you to create a drainage system very quickly with the added assurance of no installation issues.

Revit raytrace showing a few of the new Charlotte pipe fittings in practice
Revit raytrace showing new fittings in practice.

A huge thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions for our original Charlotte Pipe collection. If you have any questions about the updated content, send us an email at We always value your feedback.

Click here to view and download the full collection.

Updated Collection Content List

  1. Pipe Type - Charlotte Pipe - CI - No Hub
  2. Pipe Type - Charlotte Pipe - CI - No Hub - Combination
  3. Combination
  4. Cleanout
  5. Two Way Cleanout
  6. P-Trap
  7. Reducer
  8. Coupling
  9. San Tee
  10. Wye
  11. Combined San Tee and Wye
  12. Cap End
  13. Cross

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