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Wastewater Heat Recovery

We created this free collection as part of our ongoing efforts to support the AEC industry's increasing focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Utilizing energy from human waste is a promising concept that we believe will become increasingly popular and widely adopted. It’s another project brought to our attention by Ben Drake from Rushing Co. We’ve done a couple of collections working with Ben in the past, so feel free to check them out here!

Revit mockup showing a render of a plantroom.  Several items from the collection demonstrated in connected systems.
Revit mockup plantroom showing the collection in connected systems.

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Wastewater Heat Recovery

Like most heat reclaim processes, wastewater heat recovery involves a heat exchanger or heat pump where a coil is used to absorb heat from the source liquid. In standard water-to-water heat pumps, that source will be mechanical water, whereas in these families, the source is wastewater.

Not to get too bogged down in the details, but think about the temperature of human waste, which just gets flushed down the toilet instead of being repurposed. It's a great way to make your building greener at a low cost. There isn’t a single building that couldn’t benefit from this concept, because every building has to have a wastewater or drain system. Even the Death Star must have had toilets and showers.

SHARC Energy Heat Pumps

From manufacturer SHARC Energy, we have two heat pumps based on the residential PIRANHA model. The standard PIRANHA is a specialized water-to-water heat pump that recovers energy directly from wastewater and uses this source of energy to produce hot water. The hot water produced through the unit is typically used for potable domestic hot water (DHW), although it can also be used for hydronic heating or alternate hot water demand purposes.

The Piranha HC model also offers a cooling circuit. Both families have six types contained in a type catalog, which are defined by voltages and heating capacities that range between 60 and 180 kBtu/h.

Revit render of a standard and a HC heat pump from SHARC Energy.
Revit render showing standard and HC heat pumps from SHARC Energy.


Three SHARC Energy heat pumps in different sizes which have varying chassis and heating capacities.
SHARC Energy heat pumps have three chassis & heating capacities.

Heat Exchangers

The collection contains two heat exchangers to be used in more residential spaces. Their compact design makes them the perfect choice for waste water heat recovery in residential projects and some commercial buildings, such as hotels, where drain piping systems usually occur in confined spaces.

From manufacturer EcoDrain, we have the B1000 heat exchanger. This family is intended to be used on horizontal drain pipework and has 14 types to account for the connecting drain pipe diameter and the length of the heat exchanger

Render of 14 copper heat exchanges varying in width and length
Revit render showing all types from the EcoDrain inline heat exchanger.

The last family in the collection is the Thermodrain heat exchanger from EcoInnovation Technologies. A noteworthy difference from the previous exchanger is that this model needs to be installed within the drain stack, i.e. the vertical pipe. With over 20 types to suit drain diameter and length, this heat exchanger family can suit a large range of project needs and spatial limitations.

Render of 22 types of the heat exchanger, varying in height.
Revit render showing possible types for the Thermodrain inline heat exchanger.
Images showing the Thermodrain heat exchanger in 2D and 3D in various levels of detail.


All of the families in this collection have been created as mechanical equipment. File size is always at the forefront of our decision-making, as we strive to balance design, visual accuracy and project efficiency. With 2D geometry for plans and elevations, the families ensure a fast workflow for MEP coordination.

Render of SHARC Energy HC heat pump in coarse, medium and fine levels of detail.
SHARC Energy HC heat pump in coarse, medium and fine levels of detail.
Render of SHARC Energy HC in fine level of detail.
Plan view in fine level of detail.
Render of SHARC Energy HC in coarse level of detail.
Elevation view in coarse level of detail.
Render of SHARC Energy HC in medium level of detail.
Elevation view in medium level of detail.
Render of the Elavation SHARC Energy HC in fine level of detail.
Elevation view in fine level of detail.

Developed in partnership with Ben Drake, BIM Manager at Rushing.

To bring you the best Revit content, we continue partnering with industry experts to identify the most relevant and useful products for our collections. Ben Drake is BIM Manager at Rushing, a ‘technology-driven off-site’ construction company based in Seattle.

If you work in a specialized industry and feel like the Revit families available to you are missing the mark, please let us know and we’ll see how we can help.

Of course, if you have questions or feedback on this collection, send us an email at We review all feedback carefully.

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Collection Content List

  1. Heating only wastewater heat pump from SHARC Energy.
  2. Heating & Cooling wastewater heat pump from SHARC Energy.
  3. Inline wastewater heat exchanger from EcoDrain.
  4. Inline wastewater heat exchanger from EcoInnovation Technologies.

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