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Imperial Bathtubs

Reimagine your bathroom designs with our latest residential bathtub collection. With detailed visuals and superior performance, you can ensure an elevated design experience for your Revit projects.

Our latest free collection takes a look at residential bathtubs. If your current library doesn't fill you with satisfaction, or if you’re downloading content that doesn’t overflow with joy, then this is the perfect collection for you.

The collection contains a series of imperial bathtubs with a variety of installation methods, including rectangular alcove bathtubs, drop-in rectangular and corner bathtubs, and free-standing oval and rectangular bathtubs. All of our bathtubs offer superior detail, realism, and a fast workflow for the Revit user. With three levels of detail and system connectors for drainage, this collection of Revit families guarantees excellent performance in all facets of design.

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Alcove Bathtubs

Similar to the alcove shower units we created a while back, the alcove bathtubs are installed in an alcove or a recessed area of a bathroom with three walls surrounding it. They are typically rectangular in shape and are designed to fit in a standard bathtub space.

The Langley rectangular bathtub from Hytec has 12 types driven by type catalog. These account for three color finishes (biscuit, white and almond), with two different sizes, and left or right drain orientation.

Revit raytrace showing Langley alcove bathtub variations in biscuit, white and almond finishes and two different sizes.
Langley alcove bathtub variations in size and color.
Revit raytrace showing Langley alcove bathtub variations in the almond finish and left and right-handed drain orientations.
Left and right-handed drain orientations.

Our second rectangular alcove bathtub is the Pro Spec from Mansfield. It features four built-in types with two sizes, as well as left and right drain orientation.

Revit raytrace showing the Mansfield Pro Spec model in a white finish with four types differening in size and left or right drain orientation.
Pro Spec model with four types to suit variations in size and drain orientation.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are standalone bathtubs that are not attached to any walls or surfaces. They are often used as a centerpiece in a bathroom and can come in a variety of styles and materials.

The Ellesmere oval freestanding bathtub from Hytec has only one type to suit the color. Despite having just one type, this particular Revit family probably took the most time to create, due to its oval shape and smooth curves from end to end. It’s a real test of craftsmanship that showcases our drive to ensure good-looking and realistic models using native Revit geometry.

Revir raytrace showing the Ellesmere free-standing bathtub. It comes in a white finish, is oval in shape and has smooth curves on the edges.
Ellesmere free-standing bathtub.

The collection also contains the Juliet oval freestanding bathtub from manufacturer MTI. The family has six types driven by a type catalog to account for the three different sizes from the Juliet range and two colors.

Ray trace showing Juliet freestanding bathtub in three different sizes and two different colors.
Raytrace showing the Juliet freestanding bathtub sizes and colors.
Revit 3D view showing another angle of the Juliet freestanding bathtub in three different sizes and two different colors.
Revit 3D view showing unique curvature of the Juliet bathtubs.

From manufacturer Mansfield, the last freestanding bathtub featured in this collection is the Ava Duo. This family has only one type for the single color and size available.

Revit raytrace showing a freestanding bathtub named Ava Duo from Mansfield in a white finish.
Revit raytrace showing the Ava Duo from Mansfield.

Drop-In Bathtubs

A drop-in bathtub is a type of bathtub that is installed into a framed enclosure, which is then surrounded by a decorative deck or tile.

Our first drop-in bathtub is the Seamount from Hytec. This rectangular bathtub comes with three built-in types to account for color variations.

Revit raytrace showing a render of the rectangular Seamount drop-in bathtub in white, almond and biscuit.
Seamount drop-in bathtub with three colors.

Lastly, the collection contains two drop-in bathtubs from Americh. The tubs are rectangular and corner-shaped, with two types each for color and finish.

A Revit Raytrace render of two Americh’s Quantum 6060 drop-in bathtubs in almond and white finishes.
Americh’s Quantum 6060 drop-in bathtub with two colors.
A Revit Raytrace render of two Americh’s Americh’s Madison 6030 ADA drop-in bathtubs in almond and white finishes.
Americh’s Madison 6030 ADA drop-in bathtub with two colors.

All of our bathtubs utilize native Revit geometry, offering the best quality in 3D without compromising file size. Including 2D geometry for plans and elevations, all of the featured families deliver fast workflow for design as well as sleek and simplified visuals for project deliverables.

Revit plan view showing Americh’s Quantum 6060, Americh’s Madison 6030 ADA, Hytec's Seamount, Ava Duo from Mansfield and Langley alcove bathtubs.
Revit plan view showing just a few of the bathtubs from this collection.

That’s a wrap on this week’s collection. If you have questions or feedback regarding this content, send us an email at or fill out our contact form. Your thoughts are valuable to us!

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Collection list:

  1. Rectangular alcove bathtub from Hytec.
  2. Rectangular alcove bathtub from Mansfield.
  3. Corner drop-in bathtub from Americh.
  4. Rectangular drop-in bathtub from Americh.
  5. Rectangular drop-in bathtub from Hytec.
  6. Oval freestanding bathtub from Hytec.
  7. Oval freestanding bathtub from Mansfield.
  8. Oval freestanding bathtub from MTI.

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