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Radiator Heating System (Imperial)

A set of imperial Revit families for manufacturer wall-mounted column radiators and valves.

This week's collection of free Revit content is a set of imperial manufacturer-specific Revit families for residential and commercial heating systems. The collection includes a selection of wall-mounted column radiators and radiator valves.

Revit raytrace showing Runtal radiator and connected valves.
Runtal radiator and valve arrangement.

All the families in the collection have the necessary connectors to create a hydronic heating system in Revit. The radiators contain the essential formulas, driven by manufacturer data, so an engineer can set the required system ∆t and then calculate the thermal output and flows. Created to our usual content standards, the families work effortlessly in Revit with optimal project performance.

Column Radiators

The radiators in our heating collection are from manufacturers Castrads and Runtal. The six Revit families contain an average of 600 types each defined by their size and thermal output, provided via type catalog for easy filtering and loading within a project. Catering to a variety of commercial and residential heating needs, all the radiator families are wall mounted and defined by their number of columns.

Revit render showing Runtal and Castrads radiators with column variations.
Runtal and Castrads wall mounted radiators with column variations.


The collection also contains Revit families for the necessary thermostatic and lockshield (shut-off) valves that directly connect to the radiator inlet and outlets. From manufacturers Paladin and Runtal, the valves come in a variety of materials such as brass, chrome and antique brass. They feature different designs and connection methods including compression, threaded female and male ends.

Revit 3D view showing Runtal and Paladin radiator valves
Runtal and Paladin radiator valves 

All the families in the collection contain custom Revit materials defined using the manufacturer data. The materials are driven by distinct appearance assets created to Kinship standards. Because we have customized the names for both the materials and their material assets, they will not conflict with any of your existing project settings.

A Word on Geometry

All of the radiator Revit families have three levels of detail in 3D and 2D. We restrict 3D geometry to only being visible in 3D views, allowing the 2D details to show in elevations and plan. The result is an increase in project performance, allowing the user to move and work faster in 2D views. All valves are created to industry standards to show 3D geometry or their symbols, depending on the level of detail applied.

Collection Content List

  1. Castrads Florence 2-column wall mounted radiator
  2. Castrads Florence 3-column wall mounted radiator
  3. Castrads Florence 4-column wall mounted radiator
  4. Castrads Florence 5-column wall mounted radiator
  5. Castrads Florence 6-column wall mounted radiator
  6. Runtal 1 column wall mounted radiator
  7. Paladin thermostatic radiator valve brass
  8. Paladin lockshield radiator valve brass
  9. Paladin thermostatic radiator valve chrome
  10. Paladin lockshield radiator valve chrome
  11. Runtal thermostatic radiator valve chrome
  12. Runtal lockshield radiator valve chrome

Click here to view and download the full collection.

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