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Radiator Heating System (Metric)

This is the first in an ongoing series of free Revit content giveaways.

As part of our new features for content sharing, we're launching free collections of our Revit content each week. These collections are all part of Kinship's Content+ service, which provides companies with on-demand Revit content creation as well as access to a pool of existing Revit families from other customer requests and our own internal development.

These giveaways will be completely free and open to the public – you won't need to register or give us your email – but each collection will be available for one week only. So read on to learn about our first collection and get your hands on these top-quality Revit families before it's too late!

Our first giveaway is a collection of metric manufacturer-specific Revit families for residential heating systems. These include components such as radiators, heat interface units, heat meters, zone valves and inline circulating pumps.

Rendering of complete central heating system showing all families with connected pipework.
Complete central heating system showing all families with connected pipework.

All the families have the neccessary connectors to create a hydronic heating system within Revit. The radiators contain the essential formulas, driven by manufacturer data, so an engineer can set the required system ∆t and then calculate the thermal output and flows. Created to Kinship standards, the families work effortlessly in Revit with optimal project performance.

Rendering showing HIU with heat meter and zone valves.
Wall mounted HIU with heat meter and zone valves.

Heat Interface Units (HIU)

Heat interface units (HIUs) are typically installed in large apartment complexes with multiple dwellings. Rather than each dwelling being fitted with a boiler, the HIUs work with a central boiler to provide energy-efficient district heating and instantaneous domestic hot water.

Our heat interface units are from manufacturers Ideal Heating and Herz. The families are faced-based to allow for maximum flexibility when placing them in a project. They contain 5 types covering various DHW outputs and connections with or without isolation valves. They also contain options for clearance zones.

Raytrace showing heat interface units from Ideal and Herz.
Heat interface units from Ideal Heating and Herz.

Radiators and Towel Rail

The radiators in our central heating collection are from manufacturers Stelrad and Myson. The two Revit families contain over 100 types each, provided via type catalog for easy filtering and loading within a project. Similarly, the towel rail is from DQ Heating and has 12 types. Both the radiators and towel rail will cater for a variety of central heating needs and installation methods.

Raytrace showing DQ Heating towel rail and radiators from Myson and Stelrad.
DQ Heating towel rail, Myson radiator and Stelrad radiator


The collection also contains a series of Revit families for inline valves and pipe accessories. The radiator valves, zone valves, heat meter and an inline circulating pump are from manufacturers such as Crane, Boss, Honeywell, Sontex & Lowara. The zone valve family is available with compression or threaded connections. Similarly, a small selection of radiator valves offer a variety of threaded connection methods to join up with the radiators and towel rail.

3D image showing radiator valves.
Radiator valves.

All the families in the collection contain custom materials set from manufacturer data. The Revit materials are driven by distinct appearance assets created to Kinship standards. Because we have customised the names for both materials and material assets, they will not conflict with your project settings.

A Word on Geometry

All radiators, towel rail and HIUs have three levels of detail in 3D and 2D. We restrict 3D geometry to only being visible in 3D views, allowing the 2D details to show in elevations and plan. The result is an increase in project performance, being able to move and work faster in 2D views. All valves and pipe accessories are created to industry standards to show 3D geometry or their symbols depending on the level of detail applied.

Image showing HIU plan view.
HIU - plan view.
Image showing towel rail and radiators plan view.
Towel rail and radiators - plan view.

Collection Content List

  1. Herz heat interface unit (HIU)
  2. Ideal Logic heat interface unit (HIU)
  3. Myson radiator
  4. Stelrad radiator
  5. DQ Heating towel rail
  6. Sontex static heat meter
  7. Lowara circulating pump
  8. Crane angled lockshield radiator valve
  9. Crane straight lockshield radiator valve
  10. Crane angled thermostatic radiator valve
  11. Boss angled thermostatic radiator valve
  12. Honeywell compression zone valve
  13. Honeywell threaded zone valve

Click here to view and download the full collection.

Your feedback is always welcome, no matter how positive. Jokes aside, if you have any comments or suggestions for components you wish were in this collection, please let us know at

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