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Shortcuts – January 2023

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We're kicking off 2023 with a rundown of new features and bug fixes in Kinship, free collections of top-quality bathroom furniture along with slightly more niche data center families.

Also, Chris discusses how using materials instead of geometry can offer a number of advantages when creating Revit content.

  1. January new features. We've released a range of new features for searching projects, checking which versions of Kinship and Revit your team is running, measuring how frequently content is used and more. Get the rundown of what's new on our blog.
  2. Supercomputer & tape library content. Working on a data center? We have just the supercomputer and tape library for you. Both families have three levels of detail, so they are ready to use at different scales and at different phases of a project. They utilize native Revit geometry with 2D detailing for plan and elevations to offer a smooth and fast workflow. Download them for free here.
  3. Using materials instead of geometry for Revit families. Using materials in Revit families can offer a viable alternative to using geometry, and can come with several advantages. Chris discusses three common situations that help to highlight the benefits of using materials instead of geometry.
  4. Public bathroom furniture content. Bathrooms have to be at the top of any list of facilities that most projects can't be without. And bathrooms need furniture, so we've created a selection of free LED mirrors, taps and wash hand basins for Revit. Learn more and download them for free here.
  5. Jose and Gary are going on tour. On the evening of the 15th of February, Jose and Gary will present Kinship at the London Revit User Group. Then, in the afternoon of the 17th of February, they'll be talking Kinship at the Revit User Group of Valencia (GURV). If you're in either city and interested in joining the events or meeting up, just email and we'll send you the full details.

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